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Miss Teen NZ 2017

Face of Beauty Intl. NZ 2017

Miss Congeniality:- Briar Limmer
Potential Model:- Larissa Carter
Stage Presence:- Lainey Chard
Best in Dance/Walks:- Paige Cuff
Pageant Ambassador:- Jessica Fulton
Media Winner:- Elise Amos
Talent: - Isabella Borostyan
Photogenic:- Ishrini Rani
Interview:- Stefanie Grace
Swimwear:- Dasha Spiridinova
National Costume: - Te Akamiria Muriwai
Evening Gown:- Sarah Haden

3rd Place:- Lainey Chard
2nd Place: - Te Akamiria Muriwai
WINNER:- Sarah Haden

Event on 12 August 2017

Miss Teen NZ 2016

Best in Production:- Keraleigh Grant
Most Happy and Cheerful:- Louise Dunn
Beautiful Hair:- Britney Major
Best in Interview Wear:- Victoria Corbett
Beautiful Smile:- Aysu Shanin
Best in Stage Walk:- Tamryn Stuck
Photogenic 2nd :- Emma Drake
Photogenic Winner:- Tamryn Stuck
Friendship 2nd Place:- Nikita Preston
Friendship Winner:- Alana Schuler
Potential 2nd:- Brianna Dawson
Potential Winner:- Victoria Corbett
Talent 2nd:- Stefanie Grace
Talent Winner:- Briar Hill
Interview:- Stefanie Grace
Swimwear:- Victoria Corbett
Evening Gown:- Tamryn Stuck
5th Place:- Briar Hill
4th Place:- Victoria Corbett
3rd Place:- Emma Drake
2nd Place: Aysu Shanin
WINNER:- Louise Dunn

Face of Beauty International NZ 2016

Best in Production Number:- Tamryn Stuck
Best in Interview Wear:- Ayla Sutherland
Best in Stage Walk:- Allaynah Hill
Beautiful Hair:- Victoria Corbett
Beautiful Smile:- Annabelle Rose
Photogenic:- Queenie Swarbrick
I am Me:- Amelia Galbraith
Talent:- Tamryn Stuck
National Costume:- Stefanie Grace
Friendship Award 2nd:- Queenie Swarbrick
Friendship Award 1st:- Ayla Sutherland
Potential 2nd:- Annabelle Rose
Potential 1st:- Ayu Candradewi
Interview:- Jangle Doherty
Swimwear:- Tamryn Stuck
Evening Gown:- Amelia Galbraith
5th Place:- Ayu Candradewi
4th Place:- Janelle Doherty
3rd Place:- Allaynah Hill
2nd Place: Amelia Galbraith
WINNER:- Ayla Sutherland

Teen World Supermodel NZ 2016

Potential Model: Elise Amos
Ambassador of Pageant: Jessica Taylor
Best in Stage Walk: Stefanie Grace
Best in Interview Wear: Brianna Dawson
Photogenic: Klarissa Jacobs
Best in Dance: Stefanie Grace
Beautiful Hair: Leah Smith
Interview: Alana Schüler
Swimwear: Tamryn Stuck
Evening Gown: Megan Noick
4th Place: Leah Smith
3rd Place: Keraleigh Grant
2nd Place: Tamryn Stuck
WINNER: Megan Noick

World Supermodel NZ 2016

Ambassador of Pageant: Amelia Wilson
Best in Stage Walk:  Chane Berghorst
Best in Interview Wear:  Aisling Elias
Best in Dance: Rana Hamida
Potential:  Lida Harteman
Evening Gown:  Sophie Robinson
Evening Gown (Designer Award): Ricky-Jean Masters
Interview: Amelia Wilson
Photogenic: Chane Berghorst
Swimwear: Sophie Robinson
3rd Place: Rana Hamida
2nd Place: Sophie Robinson
WINNER: Chane Berghorst


International Competitions in 2017:

Megan Noick and Chane Berghorst will both be travelling to Macau, China in May for the Teen World and World Supermodel Competition.

We will keep you posted on the events as they happen. We wish both girls the best of Kiwi luck and bring back the crown.